Friday, 27 December 2013

christmas/new year's wishes

here it's my christmas/new year's wishes:
0. recovery soon and can work at the field again.
1. I hope I can have a husband that as smart as my daddy and my father, as tall as my brothers, as big as my uncle, have gorgeous belly like my uncle, and can do this dance ( ---> this is dance from dirty dancing), and the most important is always love me the way I am and love me like my family love me.
2. break out from the job at least this february.
3. can go to the new country.
4. if possible, I can change my citizenship :)

....with all of love that you have, please make it happen God :)


have you ever felt in love?
are you sure that's love? or just admiring? or just dont want to be alone?

everytime i thought I felt in love, a week later i felt that's only admiring.
and my friend always said "that's good that you can honest to yourself"
the thing is, it doesn't matter what you feel is love or admiring, the most important is you know when you fall in love or just admiring and just to be honest with your self (never lying about what you feel).